Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank God for Less-Strict Pharmacy Laws

Something got seriously out of wack in my back after my misadventure in Lima, and I've been down for the count for the last two days, unable to even tie my shoes (if I had shoelaces, that is). So it was with great relief--both mental and physical--that I found an adequately powerful muscle relaxant available from my local pharmacy. They aren't cheap, though, so I'm considering putting a donation button on this blog, as I get the most webpage hits after I blog about the events in which I received the most body hits. (What's up with that, folks? Negative reinforcement?) After all, I'm taking all this abuse for your reading pleasure--nothing else.


They say it's a cold world said...

Bad readers? We're desperately waiting for your account of heretofore unknown shamanistic muscle-relaxants collected from the amazonian hinterlands. Surely there is some herbal remedy. Anyway, congratulations on beating off your assailants. I doubt you've done yourself any permanent damage, and now you have a story to tell for the rest of your life, rather than the oh-so-un-Marlowesque version that-might-have-been, which goes: "I turned and saw the three yout' flying through the air toward me, and it was at that moment that I decided to cower, and to give them my money and documents. Unfortunately they then decided to beat the shit out of me anyway." I am glad they weren't armed, though. And you neither.
Man, have you been moving fast! Those poor Managuans didn't even know what public relations catastrophe had hit them before you were in a bus in northern Peru! I can't keep up. Keep up the awesome information flow, and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Should someone want to contribute to the "Matthew Grace Memorial Fund" how could it be done without booking a flight to Peru?

P.S., Happy Birthday! (No gift, just Happy Birthday.)

mgrace said...

Memorial fund?! I don't think things will be getting that out of hand. How about just a medical/medicinal-alcohol fund?

Anonymous said...

might i suggest a quick visit to the jungle goddess herself? nothing like a good purge to put things right.