Thursday, June 5, 2008

Resting Up and Not Much Going On

Here in Cuzco, I've fallen into a bit of a routine: Wake up around 9 a.m., drink a leisurely cup of coffee or two, wander downhill to the Internet café. check job listings, e-mail, and gasp at my rapidly swindling bank account balance. Then I go sit in the sun and try not to think about it.

Funds are running out, so I've decided to check out some apartments in the city (which are cheaper--and much nicer--than staying in hostals). Hopefully I'll be getting some work from New York (thanks to Craigslist), but I'm also looking into teaching English here in Peru. While the money situation is depressing, Cuzco's a pretty good city to be "skint" in, as an itinerate British journalist I've met puts it. So stay tuned. Nothing's happening right now, but that can't last forever.

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Anonymous said...

so our hero has decided to hang out in Peru instead of Bolivia? Spent a few days in Cuzco a while ago...did you see the painting of the Last Supper with Porcupine at the dinner table? I thought that was pretty cool anyways..fy