Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Life's been exciting in the U.S.A. for the past few weeks. I spent a great Christmas in Seattle and Minneapolis, ate well and drank good wine. Maybe a little too much, because I spent a couple of days in the klink, getting out in enough time to catch a flight back to New York City and celebrate at midnight on the subway platform at J.F.K. airport. I'll be explaining all later, for what is likely to be my last post on this blog. Fear not, though: I'm currently designing a new blog that'll detail my return to Bolivia later this month. Check back and I'll let you all know when it is up.

What's my New Year's resolution this year? I'm going to stop lipping off to cops!


Anonymous said...

Hard to earn the money to flee the country when you're sitting in the slammer, bro.

If you're gonna rob a bank, OWN a bank. That's the American way :-)

Unknown said...

Ahem ... "in the CLINK."

"Klink" is the guy from Hogan's Heroes!

What are we here for if not to learn something new every day?

Anonymous said...

Trivia note: Col. Klink was also the only real German on the show. And he was Jewish.

Carry on...

Otto said...

Best excuse for a two week blog lapse i've heard so far.