Saturday, April 19, 2008

From the Archives

I don't want you all to keep looking at an un-updated page, so here's a (very) brief film of the taco process I posted about a while back. I don't think tacos are on the menu anymore, having left Mexico a couple of days ago.

(What you don't see in the forefront of the frame of this video is a raw chicken breast slowly cooking, its raw juices combining with the other meat; although I didn't get sick at this taco stand, culinary standards such as that might explain why I got ill.)

Fear not! I have a plenty more planned for this blog. I'm in the midst of moving into an apartment(!). Pictures aplenty soon, and more history lessons!

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L. Harmon said...

hi matt. where is your apartment? how is your spanish? when are you coming back, I want to go get some coffee.