Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Night, Bleary Morning

My last night in Mexico was marked by many glasses of wine and a couple of shots of tequila (yeah, I know, great combination). To the right is Nadie ("nobody" is Spanish), a wandering musician who makes a living dropping by various bars around town and passing his hat. Unlike other minstrels in town, Nadie actually has a strong rhythmic guitar technique, sort of like Manu Chao. I ran into Nadie while quaffing tequila in a little cantina off the main pedestrian strip in San Cristóbal, taking a break from hunting down the swindler Darius (whom I never did find). Later, Nadie and I went back to the wine bar, from where this picture was taken.

Pictured to the right is Carlo, the proprietor of La Viña de Bacco, my oft-mentioned wine bar of choice in San Cristóbal de Las Casas. This photo, also taken on my last night in town, shows a bottle of bats'i pox, which Carlo recommended over a shot of mescal or tequila. Supposedly a "Mayan medicine," I assumed that the hangover from it wouldn't be as bad as from the other two Mexican liquors. Wrong. I missed my bus to Guatemala the next morning and had to eat the price of another ticket. Furthermore, I was still drunk the next morning. Thanks, Carlo.

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They say it's a cold world said...

The good thing about Bats'i pox, though, is it prevents smallpox. Be careful with those "Mayan medicines." Overcome by the romance at the Mayan site of "Dos Pilas," which means "two wells," and sure that I would be cured of all my ailments if I drank from this reputed fountain of youth in north-west Guatemala, I sucked down a couple of Nalgene bottle's worth and promptly contracted amoebic dysentery.
Carlo was likely only trying his best to get you to hang around a bit longer in San Cristóbal.