Friday, December 12, 2008

Grumblings From the Medialuna

The BBC has an article today about the run-up to the constitutional referendum in Bolivia next month. It's short but even-handed. In addition to interviewing Plan 3,000 community leader Portugal Quispe, reporter Daniel Schweimler quotes Jim Shultz of Democracy Center and Blog From Bolivia fame, Branko Marinkovic, and Victor Hugo Rojas:
I asked the UJC vice-president, Victor Hugo Rojas whether he thought more violence was inevitable in the run-up to the January vote on the constitution.

"Change," he said, "is painful. Whether the change will benefit them or us, we'll have to see, but there will be violence. It has to happen and may get worse."

Yikes. Anyhow, it's a recommended read.

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Bina said...

"It has to happen"? Surely that's not a mistranslation. Nope...seeing as the speaker is a Bolivian "Media Lunacy" Hitlerjugendler, I'd say it's an accurate threat of what he and his pals are planning to do. They are planning violence, and their little Führer has just admitted as much.