Friday, December 5, 2008

Branko's Defense

Below is the letter from the Pro–Santa Cruz Committee in which a somewhat lackluster defense of PSCC leader Branko Marinkovic is offered. It states that Marinkovic cannot be guilty of sabotaging a Tarija department gas pipeline because it was damaged by a fire due to poor management (mal manipulación). But is the government getting ready to charge Marinkovic for that, or for the more readily achieved riots in his home city of Santa Cruz? From the IHT:
"We have enough evidence in this investigation to allow us to link Mr. Marinkovic with the acts of terrorism that occurred in several parts of the country in September," government minister Alfredo Rada told state radio.

Twenty people, including a governor and another civic leader, are already behind bars for the violence that erupted in four opposition-controlled regions when anti-Morales protesters stormed government buildings, sabotaged natural gas pipelines and battled with the president's supporters.

The missive seems to be a red herring, designed to throw the media off the trail of violence that can more easily be traced back to the PSCC and the Santa Cruz Youth Union, which is the enforcement branch of the Santa Cruz–based opposition. (And you want dynamite charges thrown in the mix too? OK.)

(Image: BBC)

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