Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reconciliation? Nope.

From the IHT:

Five opposition governors are declaring a strike next week in Bolivia, vowing to "radicalize" tactics after talks with President Evo Morales stalled.

The governors are asking Morales to refund state shares of oil and natural gas income that his left-leaning government has used to give stipends to elderly Bolivians.

It's been pointed out earlier that the Media Luna states already enjoy a disproportionate distribution of natural-gas revenues. In most developing countries, natural resources are used by the federal government to develop infrastructure and fund entitlement plans. Not here, where the resources are tied up with the wealthy states to the detriment of the poor, i.e., the darker-skinned indigenous in the altiplano.

I'll be traveling around next week, visiting the lowlands where the opposition is strong. I haven't seen anything in Bolivia besides La Paz, and it's time to get a taste of the other regions.

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Anonymous said...

Visiting the lowlands is gallant but remember to check in!! Those of us who worry unceasingly for your safety are in need of reassurance!!!