Saturday, August 30, 2008

Missed It

Timing is everything, and my timing is off. A day after I left the city of Santa Cruz, a mass confrontation between Morales supporters and the opposition occurred in the plaza where I had spent the previous day, waiting for an email from the Pro–Santa Cruz Committee. The email never came, I suspect for good reason: The leaders were probably busy planning the action that resulted in several bloodied Morales supporters. According to La Razón, when a group of pro-government demonstrators approached the Plaza 24 de Septiembre, a group of autonomy supporters viciously attacked them, shouting, "Shitty highlanders," "Indians, return to your own land," and "We don't want your bad race in our land." The paper even reports that women who were dressed in traditional attire--who weren't even participating in the demonstration--were also attacked.

But don't call it racism!

In other news, I left my camera in Cochabamba, so don't expect too many pictures.

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