Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scenes From Morales' Victory Celebration

Evo Morales won handily in tonight's referendum, with a reported 60% of the vote; he only needed 54% to stay in office. The southeast corner of Plaza Murillo was packed with jubilant Evo supporters earlier tonight after his victory was projected. A stage was set up draped in the Bolivian colors and a group of young women played traditional songs while the crowd chanted "¡Yanquis no! ¡Evo sí!"

The opposition governor of Cochabamba state was recalled by 60% of voters; he has declared the referendum illegal and has vowed to stay in office. It remains to be seen if Morales has the power to push through constitutional changes, even after winning this crucial vote. During his victory speech, Morales didn't mention the opposition, and stressed the need for a unified Bolivia. (Pics: People celebrating in Plaza Murillo before Morales speaks; Morales at the balcony of the National Palace.)


El Grindio said...

Thanks for the photos and the link to here.

When the crowd chanted "yanquis no! Evo si!", what did it feel like?

I understand those chants to be directed to the US government and to the US Mission specifically.

mgrace said...

Absolutely intimidating at first, especially as soon as I walked into the plaza the MAS-colored-clad youth were shouting it. But it's kind of hard to be scared of a giant blue animal (as some of them were dressed as--what animal? I don't know).

Also, if Morales lost, I would've been a lot more careful, and I am sure a French accent would have immediately been noticeable in my speech.