Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Lost My Camera in Cochabamba

No, it's not a song, it's what happened.

In other news: When people tell you not to drink the water in Latin America, it's for a very good reason. For the past two days I've been making trips to the bathroom in 15-minute intervals. I am not happy. And I just ran out of T.P.

So I'm a shut-in here in sunny La Paz as of late, and that means I have no news to report to you (besides the decision of the National Electoral Court to annul Morales' decree to hold a referendum later this year on the proposed constitution rewrite).

BTW: You know how these lefty Latin American governments are fascistic? Here's proof. Don't let it happen in the States!

McCain/What's-Her-Name '08!

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Rick said...

That sucks, but at least you can while away your time with the Bristol Stool Chart! Just close your eyes and think of Arkansas: