Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Evo in N.Y.C., D.C.

Carlos in DC was at American University's Morales speech and Q&A. He's also got some pictures and promises some video later today. Evo was also in N.Y.C. yesterday, appearing on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! (Looks like he was at Columbia University, too.) Morales has been defending his decision to expel the D.E.A. from Bolivia, which in the DN! interview he accuses of operating not only in Bolivia's narco-trafficking sphere, but also its political sphere, through disinformation campaigns and even protecting some narco-traffickers. But he insists that Bolivia is not giving up the fight against cocaine trafficking:
Our proposal is very clear: There is not going to be zero coca leaves growing; therefore, we have to actually control the coca growing. We have a very small portion [of coca cultivation] per family--it's 40 meters by 40 meters. It's not very big per family, it's very small. This is like the back yard of someone's house. And we have self-control, social control. Even though we have problems, this is how we fight it. We will fight against drug trafficking with or without the help of the United States, because this is an obligation my government has to fight against the evil that it causes to human beings.

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