Friday, November 21, 2008

More From the Opposition

If they weren't already looking bad enough, here's some comments from the anti-Evo-protest invitation on Facebook. (H/T to Barrio Flores.)

Don't ever let the opposition tell you they aren't racists.


eduardo said...

However, it is important to note not all the opposition are racist, and not all racists are in the opposition. Just because one is in the oppositon (although there are racists) doens't mean one always opposes Morales because he is from an indigenous descent.


Barrio Flores

Bina said...

Racists sure give the opposition a bad name, though.

(Not that the neo-liberal economics and neo-con politics help them much, either. But really, what else have they got?)

mgrace said...

That's right, Eduardo. It sure is hard to remember that in the face of this nastiness, but it is important not to tar a whole group because the most vocal are flippin' insane.
It would be interesting--and productive--to hear from the opposition without them making racist attacks on Evo, but truth be told that is an all too common tactic that never fails to disturb me.
The casual racism is shocking. And I think many of these people do not understand that there's anything wrong with it.