Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go Home, Goni

Bolivian officials have requested the extradition of former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, according to the AP. More than 60 people were killed during anti-government demonstrations in 2003.

Goni's always been in good with U.S. powerbrokers, as the 2005 film Our Brand Is Crisis shows. I would welcome, but do not expect, the incoming Obama administration to ship Goni off to Bolivia.


Bina said...

People are really gonna have to raise hell with the White House, pressuring Obama to get rid of his Bolivia advisor, who also happens to be Goni's lawyer. It's time for massive public education, too. Most people don't know shit about Bolivia, which is a damn shame but kind of understandable; after all, they never learned how to read a map (it's not exactly a marketable job skill at McD's). But it's absolutely inexcusable for Obama, who's an extremely bright guy and has no reason whatsoever not to get in step with the facts.

mgrace said...

I agree, Bina.
Now how do we influence Obama?
He's the best for now, but how do we change the Democratic machine?
I have no clue myself!