Thursday, November 20, 2008

This Is the Opposition

Here's video of Bolivian dancers in traditional garb being harassed in Washington, D.C., yesterday when Evo was in town. As disgusting as it is, I'm glad their racist, ugly behavior is caught on video. This is the opposition in Bolivia. This is the Pro–Santa Cruz Committee. I'm posting this video from Carlos in D.C.'s blog. He's got more reporting on it, including this translation of the voices on the video:
"Assassins, get out, fake Indigenous, sold outs, take that custom off, bastards, piece of shit, get out, Evo faggot son of a bitch, he is a faggot…"

I'm sickened, and I hope you are too.

H/T to El Duderino.

(Aside to Bina: Yes, I think a letter is in order.)

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