Monday, November 3, 2008

Fingers Crossed

I found a weak Wi-Fi signal in the hills of Cuzco, so I'll be monitoring the election tomorrow all day. Yes, I have my problems with Obama (I would have been more excited with Edwards--until he got caught cheating, that is; what a moron!), but jeesh.... He's so much better than McCain and his idiot V.P. choice.

Now, go vote!


Anonymous said...

Edwards??? Please.... What this country needs more than anything is a statesman. And given the two party system, there is NO OTHER CHOICE. Not even close. Lest you forget, we live in a racist and puritanical country. This is a huge step forward in re-defining this country. And we would not be here, about to elect a BLACK man for president, if Bush had not been elected to his 2nd term. And I certainly don't think we would have the voter turnout to defeat John McCain, had Edwards or Hillary been the other nominee. Did you vote?

Sara said...

I´ve seen Edwards a couple of times around NC. Among his mistaken choices was the day he was at Target while I was and he decided to wear neon blue swim trunks with a neon green shirt and flip flops. However, his hair looked fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I followed his campaign around for a bit in 2004 as part of the media. I was struck at how he 'turned it on' and 'turned it off' depending on the presence of cameras and voters. I did not get a good vibe from him.