Monday, November 10, 2008

We're Back (In the U.S.A.)

God help us, it's expensive here. But at least the Internet works!

OK, friends, I've been out of the loop for a while, so if any of this is old news please forgive me.

Civic-committee leader Branko Marinkovic, after whining that his human rights were being violated by big bad Evo, has apparently fled the country! The New Statesman has an interview with the president of the Bolivian constituent assembly, Silvia Lazarte. She also drops the bomb that Santa Cruz prefect Ruben Costas is pouting at home:
As a result, [Lazarte] says, several suspects appear to have fled: “Branco Marinkovic, who is a key figure in Santa Cruz politics, apparently is no longer in the country, according to the information we have. Ruben Costas, who is the prefecto [regional governor] of Santa Cruz, apparently left, went to his hacienda and is not at large.” Lazarte does admit though that there are “a few other groups around the place”, such as the Santa Cruz Youth Union, who have been implicated in violence, but as the investigation is ongoing, will not go into further detail.

It's tough being a fascist these days. Not to mention embarrassing.....

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Bina said...

I feel so sorry for those fascist dudes. Ha ha, j/k.

Once those revenues really get rolling, Evo should see about getting high speed internet access to every village in Bolivia. That would TOTALLY frost the crapitalists' asses.