Monday, November 17, 2008

Secretary of State? No!

Obama's been busy disappointing everyone who has an eye on Bolivia with his appointment of Craig Greg as his White House counsel (Greg reps Goni, the ex-pres of Bolivia whom Evo is trying to extradite for his role in the government's killing of 60-plus Bolivians in 2003). (H/T to El Duderino.)

Scary stuff--it doesn't bode to0 well for the Obama administration's relationship with South America (the lefty countries, anyway, which is most of them). Also scary is the talk of Hillary Clinton getting the secretary of state position (which I blogged about last week). Ken Silverstein, over at Harper's, lists five reasons why she'd be a bad choice. Reason No. 2--that Obama would find it politically impossible to fire her--is something I didn't realize, and it should immediately disqualify her. (I'm betting it does.) But just take a look at reason No. 5!
  1. And the strongest strike of all against Hillary as secretary of state… look at who endorses her.

Click on the link, reel back in horror.

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Rick said...

Ha, ha—I see that Al Giordano has a new website:

I also see that Al—once so convinced that his hero (whose mind he understood SO WELL as a fellow community organizer) would never choose Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and that he was actually being brilliantly STRATEGIC in loading up his White House team with scum like Rahm Emmanuel—has been reduced to quoting Oliver Cromwell ("I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ," &c.).

Of course, after Cromwell was told to take a hike, his response was to flatten the Scottish army and march into Edinburgh unopposed. The Democrats, on the other hand, decide to let Joe Lieberman keep his committee chair.

Looks like it's gonna be another depressing four years—assuming I decide to even give a shit.