Friday, September 26, 2008

Two More Videos

Two videos for you now: No. 1 is from the night of Sept. 23, showing the valiant non-fascistic, torch-bearing cambacrowds rallying in Plaza 24 de Septiembre in central Santa Cruz, ready to defend their city from the swarthy, bad-mannered and dangerous hoards of nasty Cuadillo Evo Mao Chavez-worshiping poor people who had surrounded the city, blocking it off from essential supplies. (Never mind that the cambas started those blockades, hey!) The next morning, alas, the city was razed by campesinos and the entire population was cannibalized.

What? It didn't happen? But I have proof of those campesinos' intentions in this next video, which shows them throwing themselves in front of my taxi as I approached a roadblock into Santa Cruz. Because they HATE gringos. (How many times have I been assaulted while traveling in Bolivia, I cannot count! See note below.) Listen closely and you can hear Venezuelan army snipers shooting at me from the trees. This is crazy here, folks! Americans: Stay away! (See second note.)

(Note: I can't count to zero.)
(Second note: The only problem I've had in Bolivia was a couple of days ago with a Texan hotelier, who I think hates all New Yorkers, especially ones that forget to pay for their coffee refills. So I really don't want to see anymore of you estadounidenses while I'm down here.)

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