Thursday, September 4, 2008

R.N.C. Convention

One of the benefits of being truly sick is that it provides a guilt-free opportunity to catch up on all the television that one has missed. So last night, during the last painful spasms of my sickness, I watched a couple of episodes of Law & Order--in which I spotted two former coworkers of mine starring in two different episodes (shout-outs to Santo and Isabel of Three of Cups who played a drug dealer and Det. Stabler's wife, respectively)!--and then, fittingly, Giuliani's and half of Palin's speeches at the Republican Convention.

Starting in reverse order, I was disappointed that Palin didn't freeze and choke during her speech, and immediately was bored to tears. Luckily, Saw IV/Hostel XXI was playing on some movie channel, which I quickly turned the channel to. That seemed a much more appropriate barometer for another four years of Republican rule. (One thing can be said about Palin's family though: They are sure good looking, although the girls and the poor unfortunate sap who is the new daddy sure did look uncomfortable. And was that baby drugged? How did that kid sleep through the whole noisy convention?)

But Giuliani! What a vicious, cold-hearted, malignant tumor he is! The pleasure he took when the audience showed its scorn over the description of Obama as a "community organizer" was astounding! Of course, during his eight years of governing New York City, Giuliani never failed to show that same scorn on organizers throughout the city. And of course, he had to underscore the Sept. 11 attacks all over again, even though if one looked through his résumé one would know who he royally fucked that day up. Well, besides Bin Laden and the Bush administration, which was asleep at the wheel--or worse.

But one thing struck me while watching this production, and that is that Republicans always seem to come from a position of impotent rage. Calling names and heaping scorn on the opposition (whom I'm none too fond of either), they seem to forget that they've been captain of this sinking ship for the past eight years. For the party of "personal responsibility," they've really seem to have lost their marbles.

(And did anybody notice that CNN was going out of it's way to get every African-American convention-goer face time on TV? That was a little disingenuous, as it's being reported that this R.N.C. had the fewest number of blacks in 40 years!)

But Giuliani did help my digestion: Perhaps all his bile somehow mysteriously affected the biological soup in my gut, killing the foreign invaders, because today--although weak and about 10 pounds lighter--I've managed to avoid the bathroom so far, and I've even been able to eat! I always knew Giuliani was full of shit, I just didn't know he'd be able to take mine away.

Update: Al Giordano at The Field says that "community organizer" scorn may just bite the Republicans on their asses.


Otto Rock said...

Advice from someone who's been there and done that.

1. buy yourself one of those litre bottles of yogurt (pref Gloria of Laive)

2. Drink it down.

3. Don't eat anything else for 24 hours.

Myth number one of avoiding dairy is BS. What you basically have is a lot of nasty guys in your gut. The cultures in yogurt are good guys and beat 'em up, then you stop feeding any of the badguy survivors by a 24 hour fast (water is allowed, nothing else).

I suffered from what you're going thru several times, but since i was taught this trick it's not been a major downer. But you can live round here 30 years and your gringo stomach will still be a gringo stomach.

Another preventative thing; eat anything that grows over ground (eg tomatoes) or anything that grows underground (eg potatoes) but nothing that grows at ground level (eg lettuce, cucumber). I've been told there are enzymes in altiplano soil that gringos can't handle.

Good blog BTW.

Otto Rock said...

that should be Gloria OR Laive.

I don't spellcheck enough.