Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Evo Reels One In; Cambas Cruceños Rally Against Decency

From El Deber: Disgraced Pando prefect Leopoldo Fernández is in custody in La Paz, a day after South American heads of state declared solidarity to Bolivian president Evo Morales. Fernandez is widely seen as responsible for the atrocities earlier this week that saw 30 (or more) pro-Morales supporters killed. Good riddance.(Photo to right shows Leo in custody and boarding a plane for La Paz.)
Update: He has been charged with genocide.

Not wanting to seem either reasonable or even remotely human, cambas cruceños--as I type--are gathered in Plaza 24 de Septiembre in a rally to lend their support to the accused massacre mastermind. Apparently cambas cruceños, no longer happy with the appellation of "The Racist State," are now trying out "The Murder-Loving State." Photos below show good citizens holding up signs that say, "Leopoldo, We All Support You."

All the while, people were chanting that they want "democracy," which in the past has meant the majority of votes, but now the bar has been set to at least 68% for now.

(Cruceños or crucenos? You tell me. Otto sez: cambas. Thanks!)


Otto Rock said...

Neither, it's 'Cambas' normally.

Very nice work with the photos.

Bina said...

Camba "democracy" = piss on popular opinion, we want to own you! Why can't we own you? Damn you! (stomp-stomp, tantrum, hold breath)

mgrace said...

Thanks for the tip, Otto. I changed it.