Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brief Round-Up

AP investigates the massacre of Porvenir. Guess what, Lorien? Looks like the oppos/fascists/easter bunnies were not just there to give out chocolate eggs:
Opposition leaders deny their side used a machine gun. But a lightweight 9-mm submachine gun was among the weapons the military says it seized from 13 Fernandez supporters it arrested.
Also, neat lines of bullet holes sprayed across the caravan's vehicles before they were set ablaze by an opposition mob are consistent with automatic-weapons fire.

Simon Romero actually uses the words "fascistic" and "Nazi" in the first two paragraphs in an otherwise softball profile of Branco Marinkovic.

BoRev gets the milk-spraying-out-of-my-nose award for this:
Colombia's Uribe talked about cocaine. He told the West to stop snorting it and send him more money. "Whoever buys a personal dose of illicit drugs, helps to set off a car bomb in Colombia." He must be real fun at the after-parties. And oh BTW his administration has to answer for another drug-related para-politica scandal.

What else is going on out there? You tell me--I've been in the mountains all day!

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Otto Rock said...

Kudos. Little doubt in my mind that your video skills are the reason NYT readers know about nazi salutes now.

A small victory for the good guys. Applause from here.