Monday, September 22, 2008


While I frequently always disagree with Lorien, she's got some suggestions on how Evo might gain a second presidential term:

... he has two strategic options:
One month prior to the next election, Evo could resign as president of Bolivia. His vice president would become president. Evo would be legally free to run for re-election.
Alternatively, he could have made all of his concessions to the opposition conditional on an amendment to the current Constitution which would allow him to run for re-election. That’s it.

And since I'm flummoxed about how he's going to be able to rewrite the constitution (which is the only way, so far, he'd be able to retain power for a second term), I'll entertain those two ideas. (Though I think the second is farfetched; you'd have some pissed-off MASistas if he did that.)

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