Thursday, September 25, 2008


We've been having some fun in the comments section about defining fascism/Nazism/whatnot. This argument is far from over, but I want to offer a tidbit I found on Machetera (whom I'm embarrassed I haven't read earlier, but will keep going back there). Anyway here's an excerpt.
“This civil war has resulted in already almost half the country being in the hands of the fascists, and I say fascists, because they operate by the use of force, violence, with non-parliamentary groups typical of fascists, with the backing of the middle class, by taking public buildings of all kinds, paralyzing gas pipelines, even blowing up pipelines, taking control of police stations, customs, etc...."

Read the whole thing here.

O.K., enough for tonight. I've got a speedier Internet connection today, so more videos of hooligans tomorrow. I can't do it tonight, because I have to call my mom. She gets worried when I hang out with fascists!

Update: Got to Machetera NOW! Especially if you're a dumb gringo like me who takes forever to translate the Spanish-language news. It's a treasure trove!

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