Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"¡Somos Asesinos!" Just Doesn't Cut It

Thanks to Otto for pointing it out: An Unasur commission, headed by Argentinian lawyer Rodolfo Mattarollo, is set to investigate the massacre in Pando. There are many conflicting reports of what actually happened there, some of them absolutely insane. But most, including AP's account, indicate that militants from the anti-Morales opposition machine-gunned Morales supporters. Opposition leaders, whose supporters regularly shout "¡Evo Asesino!", obviously want to blame this on the peasants; their slogan depends on it.

Jokes aside, it's a pretty impotant step to clear this up, find the responsible party (Leopoldo Fernandez, former prefect of Pando, looks to be the likely instigator), and mete out some justice--as much, anyway, as can be salvaged from this unfortunate, brutal, and cowardly event.

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