Monday, September 15, 2008

Hear! Hear!

As I and others have speculated, when U.S. ambassador Goldberg meets with opposition groups in Bolivia it gives the appearance that Washington has a hand into the violence and Balkanization of Bolivia. (Notice my choice of words and Google "Goldberg" and "Balkans." Or just follow this link.)

Well, now the good folks at the Center for Economic and Policy Research have a sensible suggestion:
“Washington has decided to keep its ties to Bolivia’s opposition shrouded in secrecy, and that’s not conducive to trust between the U.S. and Bolivian governments,” said Mark Weisbrot, CEPR Co-Director. “If Washington has nothing to hide in terms of whom it is funding and working with in Bolivia, then it should reveal which groups those are.”

Now, some people think that it's paranoid to attribute to the U.S. all of the odd/evil/tripped-out shit that happens in the world. But it is not like hasn't happened again and again and again.

We're supposed to be a freakin' democracy, folks. How about a little transparency?

And never forget Sept. 11, folks! (No, not that one.)

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