Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Branko Translated

Here you are. If I've messed it up (my Spanish isn't too good), please feel free to correct in the comments.

Branko Marinkovic Starts International Tour to Denounce Human Rights in Bolivia

In order to make known the true political situation in the country and the scope of the rebellion and treason of the Pando, Beni, Tarija and Santa Cruz departments, the f├╝hrer of the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee, Branko Marinkovic, launched an international tour by giving a press conference in the city of Sao Paolo on Monday morning.

Marinkovic told the Brazilian press that his presence is due to a mission entrusted by his fellow rebel civic leaders. "Last week I met with my fellow brownshirts, who asked me to inform the world that the autonomy cause is a cause to weaken the country's unity, to discard democracy, and to provide better opportunities for certain rich Bolivians. "

The Bolivian civic leader noted that the oligarchy of Bolivia, long used to slave labor and one of the most inequitable distributions of land and resources, is now threatened and persecuted politically--or is at least being asked to consider helping the poor in the poorest country in South America--by the Movement Toward Socialism. "My fellow oligarchs asked me to show to the international community the continuing violations of human rights by the Santa Cruz Youth Union, deaths caused by my friend the disgraced ex-prefect of Pando department Leopoldo Fernandez, the confinements and the suspension of liberties of the indigenous Bolivians, and the constant threats, blackmail, and violence that the rebel prefect governments use with impunity."

Marinkovic said that as leader of the Pro-Santa Cruz Committee, he has a duty to leave his country--because he is hated in the capital, La Paz, and would likely be lynched there--and make these truths known in defense of all those civic leaders who today threaten the democracy of Evo Morales, who with 67% of the popular vote in the last election is an extraordinarily popular leader. "We will put all our effort to defend the civic leaders of Beni, Pando, and Tarija, who today will prosecute the legitimate government of Bolivia and the dirty Indians who make a majority of this country and must be subjugated so that we can maintain our standard of living."

The autonomist leader said that after visiting Brazil, he will relocate to the headquarters of human rights in Costa Rica and the UN headquarters in the United States, and will meet with fascists and false human rights organizations in Latin America (such as the HRF). "I will not rest until the international community understands that Bolivian democracy must be destroyed and that there is great concern for us coddled rich people, and we will escalate violence to destroy the supporters of of the legitimate leader of Bolivia, Evo Morales, whom, I might add, is a dirty Indian," Marinkovic added.

"In Bolivia, we are violating human rights, we are violating the law, and it is inconceivable that the president initiate an march in the town of Caracollo to the seat of government in La Paz, which aims reinforce democracy. Instead of supporting democracy, the Bolivian President Evo Morales should think about our white skins and the tens of families who need S.U.V.s, slave labor, and legal impunity to support our opulent lifestyles."

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