Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More on Alek Boyd

Ever since I read the "report" from the Human Rights Foundation that was critical of Morales for the recent violence in Bolivia, I've been looking at the bizarre relationships of the foundation's board and employees. I'm new to this game, though, so it's taking me a while to get up to speed on this organization. Luckily, though, the blogosphere is full of good folks who want the information out as much as I do. In the mailbox today comes a press release from the Greater London Authority. It seems the Alek Boyd (who does "research" for the HRF) tried to sue the ex-mayor of London, Red Ken Livingstone, when Red Ken called him a supporter of terrorism.

All well and good. I wouldn't want to be called that either!

But then I also wouldn't:

  • say "violence is the only recourse left";
  • call writer Tariq Ali (and my good friend's former boss) a "Paki journalist";
  • say of President Chavez and his supporters: "only barbaric practices will neutralise them, much the same way as Khan did. I wish I was him.";
  • say "I wish I was Khan and order my hordes to capture [supporters of Chavez] and pour melted silver into their eyes."

Needless to say, after these quotes came to light, Boyd realized the futility of trying to sue Livingstone--even in the U.K., where the standard for libel is much easier to prove than in the U.S.--because these quotes clearly demonstrate that Boyd's ideology is violent and terroristic.

So when you see anything come from Human Rights Foundation, please consider the above.


Anonymous said...

There's more on the nutcase Boyd! This was published on 21st Century Socialism and the Guardian:

Bina said...

Alek Boyd is not only a dickwanker, he's a sick fuck. Anyone who says "Where's our Pinochet?" (meaning, he WANTS a fascist dictator rather than a leftist democrat in charge), and who has fantasies about making like Genghis Khan and pouring molten silver in The Enemy's eyes, really should be locked up in a max-security mental ward, not allowed to run a bogus "human rights" racket (and be quoted by another one--yes, HRW is phony, too.)