Monday, October 13, 2008

Frontline Hits It

It's only seven minutes, and it doesn't go into detail, but Frontline's online iWitness video is well worth the watch--especially if this situation is new to you. A few sentences that stood out to me:
"...with 67% of the vote, Evo Morales is one of the most popular presidents in Latin America, if not the world."

"..there is very little difference in Latin America policy between Democrats and Republicans." (in response to what Bolivians think of the upcoming U.S. elections)

This kind of reporting is necessary to understand the situation here in Bolivia, and I thank Frontline, Joe Rubin, and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky. Caveat: Friedman-Rubin states that there were merely rumors of former Ambassador Goldberg plotting against the Morales government. Recent FOIA requests have confirmed his plotting. (In fairness, I think this video was produced before this information came to light.)

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