Thursday, October 23, 2008

WaPo Profiles the Corps

The Washington Post runs a story today on the Peace Corps volunteers who, instead of being used as pawns in the U.S. government's continuing war of diplomatic aggression against Evo "67%" Morales, decided to hang on in Bolivia. Sarah and Co., you do our country proud! It's true that Bolivians do view the U.S. with suspicion--rightfully, if you ask me. But actions like these Peace Corps volunteers take demonstrate that not all U.S. citizens approve of devious U.S. foreign policy. And that's part of why, contrary to U.S. claims, Bolivia isn't the dangerous hell-hole our government says it is: Bolivians know that U.S. citizens aren't all to blame for stupid U.S. policy. Thank you, Peace Corps people.

H/T Otto.

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