Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poor Branko Can't Win

Bina's got some news that, depending on the results of exploration, might make the distribution of hydrocarbon revenues a bit more fair in Bolivia. It seems that there might be black gold in them thar hills--in La Paz department, that is. So the oppo's insistence on an inequitable share of hydrocarbon revenues is (ouch!) looking like it might bite them on the ass.
The president said that "today is a historic day for Bolivia and the Department of La Paz", which will bring to life the dreams of the people by exploring their hydrocarbon riches.

(Remember: Presently, the medialuna (the departments in rebellion) garner a huge share of natural-gas resources, all out of proportion to the percentage of indigenous Bolivians.)

Also, I don't want to spill the beans, but I hear that a major U.S. television story is coming down the pike that will investigate the U.S. government's alleged (editor's note: make that certain) meddling in Bolivian affairs. I'll keep yelling about it here. Seems to work a bit!


Otto Rock said...

Knowing what I know about hydrocarbons, I gotta say "don't hold your breath on that one".

mgrace said...

I defer to you, Otto.
Also, it's never good to have an economy depend so heavily on oil/hydrocarbons with no diversification, so it could be a mixed blessing. (But I certainly am no expert!)