Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please Read

Otto has a point: Why aren't the English-speaking media reporting this? Why is the Bolivian political situation always framed as a more-or-less fair contest between Evo Chavez and the medialuna? Why aren't the crimes and the fascistic political ideology reported? The material is out there, in this blog and many others (listed at the left).

For your reading displeasure:
“They are intimidating our people. Yesterday an event occurred – they shot the driver of Mayor Edwin Cuellar of the municipality of Santos Mercado, and he is wounded. A girl was raped by these same groups. Last night in the community of Piedras, they tied up and offended the honor of this girl, until the members of the community came to her rescue. She is currently in the house of a schoolteacher. Because of these incidents, women can not go to where they wash and bring water. People come down from the mountain, in what seem to be planned attacks. In the municipality of Gonzalo Moreno, the brother of the head of the city’s human resources department was run down with a motorcycle. Currently he is at the Hospital in Riberalta, this has also been done by the same group of men who were hoods over their heads. These are only the cases that we know about; but surely there are many which we haven’t heard about yet.

Now read the rest.

And Bina gets a prize for finding this.

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