Monday, October 13, 2008

More on Boyd and Thor

Via BoRev come some links about HRF staffers: Thor Halvorsson looks like he's a spoiled playboy concerned that universities throughout the nation don't have men's studies programs; and Alek Boyd ... well, he's a nutcase!

Also from the BoRev, a mention of Frontline's iWitness Video Report, by Joe Rubin and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky. I am loading the video now, so I can't comment on that (and probably can't for another few hours--thank you, Bolivian Internet), but the text nails it head-on. Here's a great quote, which falls a little short in excusing murder, assault, riot, and treason:
"If I want to change a light bulb in the prefect's office, I have to send away to La Paz to do it," explained a spokesman for the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

Notice how there's no name attached, as if the speaker was perhaps a little embarrassed to be saying it. Or, rather, that it's a stinking lie.

Kudos to Frontline, in my eyes the best TV journalism out there. I can't wait till I have a stable Internet connection again and I can start bittorrenting its programs again.

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