Monday, October 13, 2008

Peace Corps

Remember when the U.S. government pulled the Peace Corps out of Bolivia (and scared the hell out of my mom) because it was so damn violent down here? Well, 70(!) of those good people, instead of sitting idly by while the U.S. used them cynically in its propaganda war against President "67%" Morales, decided to quit the Peace Corps and return to Bolivia. Why?
“Peace Corps, unfortunately, has become another weapon in the U. S. diplomatic arsenal,” said Sarah Nourse, 27, of Mechanicsville, Md., another volunteer who opted out.

Right you are, Ms. Nourse, although that was already well-know.

Via Abiding, mercifully back from his break.

(Side note: The Peace Corps/State Dept. story was broken by none other than Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, who is featured in the Frontline video report below.)

Heh. It's from a couple of days ago, but I've been hungover and non-active since getting back to La Paz, so I didn't see this: Bina's on a tear!

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Bina said...

Yep, I got on a roll there. I expect stupidities from the right, because they're the dumb ones. I mock them from time to time just to keep my hand in (and my nails sharp). But when a so-called progressive falls into the same trap, I get livid. I guess I expect better...MUCH better.