Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Evo Limits Himself to Two

To get the new constitution ratified, Evo pledged to limit his presidency to two
terms, according to the AP:
Morales did not appear to dampen his supporters' enthusiasm with his re-election concession, and he grinned widely as a small sea of hard-hatted miners, packed in too tight to dance, bobbed in place to the music of a traditional Andean folk group.

Somehow, I bet the cambas are still shouting "dictator," even though with each passing day they look stupider and stupider.

Closer to the home front, though, Blog from Bolivia looks at the evilness oozing out of the States, and has some suggestions for all goodhearted U.S. citizens to take in response to the Bush administrations recent actions aimed at weakening our man Morales. Please read it, and take action! Support democracy, and stop these foreign interventions that only spread misery and make us U.S. citizens look like fools. (Urgh, Jim's letting people comment again, and it's back to the same old crapfest.)
Here's one of my favorite comments, coming of course from someone who'e afraid to identify him- or herself:
Santaoct, you got it right! Now let me throw one more thing into this. Don't you all find it a little coincidental that Evo's doctors (witch doctor) has prescribed several days of rest at the same time thousands of poor, neglected,innocent, unarmed (except for their guns and dynamite) indians are about to reach La Paz to put non- violent pressure on congress to pass a laww allowing a vote on a illegal constitution? The V.P. Linera has been put in charge, so now when the bullets and dynamite start flying, Evo had nothing to do with it. Just a thought.

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Bina said...

Jim really needs to moderate his blog--those trolls are all on crack! Guns and dynamite--are they serious? Where were the guns? Where was the dynamite? Oh yeah, I remember--stashed under some bushes on a property belonging to a brother-in-law of the OPPOSITION PREFECT OF PANDO!

Yeah, those injuns are real violent. Evo actually only stayed in bed for a day, on orders of a REAL doctor, then got up when he felt better and marched for nine hours with the "violent" ones, and nothing flew except maybe some rose petals and coca leaves. Wow! How scary Bolivia looks from up here right now...can we have Evo for our PM instead of that dud we have on Parliament Hill? Please? Please???