Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cambas Embrace Poor Neighbors in Unprecedented Solidarity After Evo Win

Well.... no.
Bina translates an article about high-level skulduggery in Santa Cruz, in which the municipal government conspired with a real-estate developer to bulldoze low-income homes in an effort to protect the property value of a planned luxury development.
At 10 a.m on Tuesday, heavy machinery belonging to the Municipality of Santa Cruz arrived at the location to begin the demolition of the homes, which were in the last phase of construction in the community of La Comarca, Warnes, 9 kilometres inside the city limits of Santa Cruz. Mayor Percy Fernández was forced to fire six high-level functionaries, including María Costas, the sister of prefect Rubén Costas.

Reconciliation? Hrmph.

Also: The White House can't access Google News. And, you know, read news about Bolivia.

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