Thursday, October 23, 2008

El Duderino Parties With Evo and Co.

I left Bolivia, but El Duderino is picking up the slack. He partied down with the "dynamite-wielding," "club-carrying" thugs who forced congress to ratify the new constitution. (Just kidding, idiot opposition! As been proved time and time again, Evo's people are largely peaceful and dedicated to the democratic process. El Dude, like me, doesn't listen to U.S. propaganda and actually talks to the people himself. OMG! He even hangs out with P3K campesinos--whom, I might add, never bothered me when I visited their barrio.) Check out his description of this week's slap in the face and repudiation of fascism and thuggery in our favorite DEMOCRATIC and forward-moving Andean country. History will remember this triumphant moment in time--that is, if the U.S. just stays the hell out. (Well, if we want to influence Bolivia, might I suggest renewing our trade agreements?)

And as always, Blog From Bolivia has the nitty-gritty on what when down, who gave in on what, in the negotiations.

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